Current version: 20181031
Anycast Network
Minimum requirements
Public peering interconnection (PPI)
Private Network Interconnection (PNI)
Technical Notes
Peering Request
  1. Introduction

    Founded in 2005, Criteo has grown to be a global technology company that enables e-commerce companies to leverage large volumes of data to efficiently and effectively engage and convert their customers.
    Criteo is headquartered in Paris: we operate globally in 37 countries and have 15 offices worldwide. Furthermore, we partner with over 4,000 clients and are in direct relationship with over 6,000 publishers..

    Criteo is registered at:

    We are an American, European and Asian content provider. Criteo deploys and maintains a large-scale IP network in US, Europe and Asia.

  2. Anycast Network

    Criteo operates an Anycast network in Europe and in the USA. For technical reasons, we will have to deaggregate full prefixes into several smaller prefixes. We will never announce lower than /24 network. We know how important it is to try keeping prefixes as full aggregated as possible, but running an Anycast Network shall break this rule.

  3. Minimum requirements

    Criteo Corp (AS19750), Criteo SA (AS44788) and Criteo Asia (AS55569) have a selective peering policy. Applicants must meet each of the following pre-qualifications:

    This policy is only a guideline. Meeting all requirements does not guarantee that Criteo will accept to peer with the Appliant. Exceptions may also be granted at the sole discretion of Criteo.

  4. Public Peering Interconnection (PPI)

    Criteo is available at the following Internet eXchange points:

  5. Private Network Interconnection (PNI)

    Criteo also accepts to establish PNI with other networks when both Criteo's network and the candidate's network are co-located at the same housing facility or when both networks agree to share circuit's costs if they are not in the same facility, but in the same city. Physical media available to privately interconnect with Criteo are:

    The housing facility where to establish the PNI shall be discussed directly with the candidate.

  6. Technical notes

    Upon establishing either a PPI or PNI, the candidate SHALL:

    The candidate shall NOT:

    Criteo MAY:

  7. Peering request

    If the candidate meets the prerequisites stated early in this document or think Criteo should establish a PPI or PNI even if he does not, then please send your peering request by e-mail at:

    If your peering policy requires Criteo to sign a peering agreement, please attach it to your peering request in order our legal department to be able to review it.